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Our bulk analysis testing capabilities

Potato (Diced) Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Understanding the effects of the cooking process on texture is essential to most products that are cooked. As most diced potato products are somewhat cooked prior to the final preparation by the consumer, it is important for the manufacturer to able to measure and control this step.

Pretzel Hardness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Due to the variation in size, shape, and makeup of individual snacks; pretzels make an ideal product to be tested in bulk with the Kramer shear cell, when evaluating their hardness. Instead of testing a single pretzel, the shear cell allows for multiple pieces to be tested at the same time.

Baked Bean Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Baked beans are an ideal product to test using the Kramer shear cell. As there is substantial variation when testing single beans, it makes the most sense to test the product in bulk.

Rice Bulk Firmness Testing by Kramer Cell Shear Method

Many foods, such as rice are consumed as a whole instead of on an individual piece by piece basis.

It only makes sense to test them in a similar manner. Using the Kramer Shear Cell allows the product to be tested in this bulk form. For the test, the rice was first prepared according to the instructions on the packaging.

Caramels Bulk Hardness Testing by Cup and Plunger Compression Method

Some products are more easily tested in a bulk form, meaning several pieces are tested at once instead of just one piece at a time. A better overal view of batch quality is also obtained.

For this test, samples were weighed and then placed in the sample cup of the universal cell. Then a plunger moved down and compressed the sample to a set distance from the base of the cup.