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Our bulk analysis testing capabilities

Chick Peas Bulk Firmness Testing by Shear Compression Method

Products such as beans are often tested in bulk when doing texture analysis. Instead of testing one individual piece, many pieces are tested at once – bulk analysis.

Not only does this test more product with less replications, but it tends to give a better overall picture of the product as it takes in to account any variation that there is from piece to piece. For this test, a set amount of product (150 grams) was loaded in to the TMS Pro Computer Controlled.

Baked Bean Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Baked beans are an ideal product to test using the Kramer shear cell. As there is substantial variation when testing single beans, it makes the most sense to test the product in bulk.

Cranberry Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

Due to the variation from piece to piece, cranberries are best tested using the Kramer shear cell. Not only does this method typically produce results that are more consistent, but also it requires fewer replications as it is a bulk analysis test.

Green Bean Firmness Testing by Kramer Shear Cell Method

As with many products with a similar make-up, green beans are an ideal product to be tested using the Kramer shear cell. The fixture allows for a large sample of the product to be tested at once (bulk analysis testing), which allows for the variations that would make for very inconsistent results if tested on a piece-by-piece basis.

Pea Freshness TU Testing by Shear Cell Method and Tenderometer

Pea freshness and quality testing is one of the few standards in food texture testing. Peas are typically measured and sold based on unit of measure called the tenderometer unit or TU. This method was developed as it takes into account changes that occur to the fixture over time.

The test is done by using specially calibrated Kramer shear cell. The sample box is filled by volume in preparation for testing. As the blades of the fixture move down, the peas are compressed and sheared.