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Our compression testing capabilities

Gel Capsule Burst/Crush Strength Testing by Compression Platen Method

The resistance to breaking or bursting when under pressure is a key quality point for gel capsules. These products consist of a thin outer layer that contains a gel or liquid on the inside, and are typically a delivery method for medicines.

Gelatin Strength Testing by Cylinder Bloom Probe Compression Method

The strength of a gel can be a very important characteristic both as a final good and as an ingredient. Gelatin can be consumed as a whole in a product such as gelatin snack cups. It is also often used binding agent in any number of other products.

Gum Hardness Testing by Spherical Probe Penetration Method

The 6.35 mm ball probe can be used for a number of different products.

It is typically used in situations where the sample being tested is not consistent or is not completely flat. The round shape of the probe allows for a consistent force to evenly be applied across the surface of the sample. When fitted to one of the TMS texture analyzers, this probe can be very helpful in determining several textural properties.

Marshmallow Firmness Testing by Compression Platen Method

Many products require only a simple compression test to measure the desired textural attribute. For candy corn, a 75 mm compression plate was used to test the samples.

This very simple test compressed each sample to a certain distance. At the conclusion of the test, the software was used to make calculations on the force/distance curve.

Bread (Breadcrumb) Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) by Cylinder Probe Compression Method

Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) is one of the few standard test methods related to food texture measurement. It is a twice-compressed test and then a number of calculated points that relate to characteristics.